Our Capabilities

As a research and demonstration facility our capabilities derive from the unique features of our embedded asset base, our ability to leverage academic thought leadership from the University of Strathclyde as well as other academic institutions, and the strength and depth of our on-site research and development team.

In summary our capabilities are:

  • Real 11kV and LV distribution networks, which are flexible with the ability to vary voltage, frequency and perform disturbance testing in a controlled environment.
  • A team of post doctorate researchers with individual areas of expertise relevant to our Core Research Themes.
  • The capability to research, test and demonstrate hardware, software and integrated systems solutions in a safe, controlled environment.

The Facility

  • Brings together academia and industry, in innovative collaboration.
  • Can enable ‘smart grid’ networks of the future in accelerated time scales.
  • Has enhanced measurement, frequency and voltage control with a unique fault throwing/disturbance feature.

Academic & Industry Linkage

The PNDC’s collaborative research model creates multi-disciplinary teams (in our core research programme or on an individual project basis). The input from industry, leading experts from academia and the centre’s specialist researchers, create the perfect collaborative environment for thought leadership and practical game changing techniques to be developed and implemented.

Team Capabilities

The PNDC team have a diversified and rich experience history, including areas such as utility, professional services, global equipment suppliers, power electronics, and asset management with statistical modelling. As a team, we are excited by the change dynamic impacting on power network companies around the world. We are excited about positively contributing to the shape of network infrastructure in the future through our thought leadership and practical implementation of our effort. More can be read about our Core Research Themes.

Technical Information

Some of the features of our network are best related to by playing the video below.

In summary our network has the following capability:

  • A 5MVA MG set with a 24MVA fault level
  • Frequency range of 45Hz – 55Hz
  • Voltage range of 8kV – 12kV
  • 6km equivalent length of 11kV underground network
  • 70km equivalent length of 11kV overhead line network
  • 10 x 11kV/400V secondary substations with a capacity of 500kVA to 250kVA
  • 600kVA of low voltage load banks
  • Industry based Scada system
  • Phase to phase and phase to earth fault capability
  • Real Time Digital Simulator for network modelling

A line diagram of the 11kV part of the PNDC electrical network is shown below.


Engage With Us

You can engage with us in a number of different ways; either as a member, a direct client, or through a consortium funding arrangement. We will have the plan to suit your needs, simply submit some brief details and we will be in touch.