Future Control Room

Within the framework of the Advancement of Power Networks focus area, the Future Control Room Innovation Forum focuses on the development and de-risking of different scenarios including the procurement of flexibility from real and simulated actors in a schedule-driven market, operational optimisation (e.g. service conflict and revenue), communication interfaces between different actors (including the Electricity System Operator (ESO) for whole system thinking), settlement and audibility, and data analytics. PNDC’s 11kV and 400V network infrastructure with power hardware in the loop capability and Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) provide a communication testbed with fast data acquisition measurement equipment. The simulation environment enables the de-risking of technologies for market-readiness and implementation in the future control room, building on innovation gaps to develop Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) solutions.

Innovation Areas


Control Room Simulator – sand box for new control room functionalities (in collaboration with UK Power Networks)

Distribution System Operator (DSO) and flexibility services (in collaboration with UK Power Networks)

Data analytics for Low Voltage (LV) (in collaboration with SP Energy Networks)

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