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Soraytec logoThe proliferation of low carbon technologies in present and future power grids introduces new sources of harmonics which affects the power quality. In order to maintain the quality of the power supply to the end users within the statutory limits, Distribution Network Operators have a growing need to monitor power quality.

Traditionally, power quality monitoring equipment requires a dedicated instrument transformer to be installed on the High Voltage Network. This typically costs £5k-£8k at the 11kV level for each point of the network to be monitored, which is a significant Capital Expenditure (CapEx).

Soraytec has developed a Smart Meter which provides power quality monitoring without the need for an instrumentation transformer, which translates directly with a CapEx saving of £5k-£8k per monitoring point. Testing of this new technology has been performed on the PNDC’s 11kV network to validate its performance and accelerate its Technology Readiness Level. The testing involved the installation of the Soraytec Smart Meter on PNDC’s 11kV test network and the carrying out a comprehensive set of load, harmonic and fault tests.



The results of the testing have provided good results that have given confidence on the applicability of the developed product for power quality monitoring as well key insights on the performance that have been used Soraytec to address identified weaknesses of the product.




The testing performed at the PNDC has allowed Soraytec to showcase the benefits of the device under a realistic environment reducing the time to market by at least six months.

It is estimated by Soraytec that the value derived from the testing and analysis at PNDC has saved the company up to 20% of their annual R&D expenditure.

Testing at PNDC allowed for a fast and efficient way to test and validate key features, which otherwise would require a lengthy pilot with a utility. The understanding of the technical requirements and market needs from the subject matter experts at PNDC helped Soraytec to identify key areas of improvement and to analyse the results more accurately. The overall experience and results exceeded expectations.

Christopher Benedikt Pilscheur

What’s next?

The next step in the development of this new product is one or multiple trials within a distribution network. Soraytec are presently discussing with a number of DNOs across Europe who have expressed an interest in this new product.

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