Our Facilities | Wardpark

PNDC’s test, demonstration and simulation environment provides a real-world platform for validating and accelerating whole energy system technologies, as evidenced by the comprehensive summary of our test assets and capabilities.

Together with our project partners, we accelerate the development and commercialisation of novel energy and transport technologies through multiple collaboration models and open access facility provision for engagement with the innovation ecosystem.

Testing and Demonstration

Do you have a project that requires testing or validation on a UK electricity network? Perhaps your project requires further development that can only be fine-tuned by carrying out testing on one or more of our state-of-the-art assets in a real-world environment. This can be accommodated here at PNDC. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. You may also be interested in partnership opportunities.

Arrange a tour

PNDC regularly hosts visits from industry, academia and government. To arrange a visit to our Wardpark facility, please contact us and our business development team will be in touch. In the meantime, you can find out more about Wardpark by clicking on the orange dots below.


New whole systems facility opening in 2024

PNDC is currently expanding, including the installation of new and enhanced facilities focussed primarily on net zero heat and transport applications (including hydrogen) to complement our established smart grid facilities. The new configurable facility, due to be operational in 2024, will enable the testing and demonstration of low-carbon thermal technologies and systems up to 1MW. The facility will comprise heating and cooling networks, heat sources, heat load emulators and thermal storage facilities and contain six test cells, including two dedicated to hydrogen systems.