Technical Team

  • Gordon Jackson

    Gordon Jackson LinkedIn icon

    Electrical Engineer

    Gordon is an Electrical Engineer in PNDC’s Technical Team, supporting project delivery through the development and deployment of, often novel, test solutions and infrastructure. He has over 25 years engineering experience having worked in automation & controls in the manufacturing and process sectors prior to joining the University of Strathclyde’s Institute of Energy and Environment and thereafter PNDC.

  • Alastair Wilson

    Alastair Wilson LinkedIn icon

    Electrical Engineer

    Alastair is a member of the technical team providing support and hands-on experience where necessary. Research is proving an interesting change from Alastair’s history, gained mainly in commercial/industrial sectors across a wide range of industries, from petrochemicals to food processing and service industries. He has been practising in the trade for some 30-plus years now and still enjoys it, sadly!

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