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A supportive and dynamic environment

PNDC’s internationally represented management, research and technical teams combine a wealth of ideas and global expertise to accelerate whole systems innovation in a supportive and dynamic environment. Our continued growth as a whole energy system innovation environment means exciting opportunities to join the team are regularly advertised. If no vacancies are currently listed, please get in touch to register your interest.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental principles of PNDC. Our dynamic team reflects the multiformity of ideas, opinions, knowledge and people. As one of the University of Strathclyde’s innovation centres, PNDC is committed to achieving and promoting equality of opportunity in its research and working environments. Learn more about the University’s Access, Equality & Inclusion Service.


Kathleen Goldie, Commercial Director at PNDC:
“I really enjoy working with a team and in an environment that has the potential to be a significant enabler for the UK (and the world’s) energy transition. I like the variety in my role for the work we do over several sectors including marine, aerospace and energy, to name a few. I love the people at PNDC, a fantastic and diverse bunch of personalities and skillsets.”

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Photo of Ryan Sims

Ryan Sims, Research & Development Lead at PNDC:
“The PNDC team really is the friendliest and most supportive you could ask for. It’s a large contributor to why it is such a great place to research, test and demonstrate innovative ideas. I enjoy working closely with our members and all the innovative companies that come through the centre. Their insights and market knowledge are a great resource for our work.”


Dr Stephen Ugwuanyi, Research & Development Engineer at PNDC:
“What I enjoy most is the work-life balance, the opportunity for growth, the flexibility of the role, and the impact of PNDC research output on tackling societal challenges. When you have the opportunity to visit or work with PNDC, you will understand that every PNDC staff member is as unique as PNDC’s research capabilities.”

Photo of Dr Stephen Ugwuanyi


Photo of  Dr Si Chen

Dr Si Chen, Research & Development Engineer at PNDC:
“PNDC fosters an inclusive and supportive environment where a culture of respect and inclusivity promotes psychological safety for female engineers and those from diverse backgrounds. The unique and comprehensive test and demonstration environment also guarantees the safety and security in engineering. I encourage more young women and girls to pursue careers in engineering.”

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