PNDC are proud to announce that we have achieved ISO9001:2015 certification for our quality management system. ISO9001:2015 is the latest standard and an internationally recognised prestigious award that ensures that the PNDC services meet the needs of our customers through and effective quality management system. To become ISO9001:2015 compliant, PNDC went through an evaluation process and the development and implementation of a quality management system.

Our certified scope encompasses the full delivery of research projects for the energy systems infrastructure, operational and communications technology and smart grid solution within the member-funded, grant awarded and commercially agreed on projects outside the core programme.

“Since inception, the PNDC has had to achieve ISO9001 certification as a clear goal.We are delighted to have achieved certification of ISO9001:2015 on 6th March 2017.   It is fantastic to see our quality approach, commitment to continuous improvement and the efforts of our whole team being externally recognised as we continue our journey to transform the energy systems landscape.” (David Rutherford, CEO)