PNDC presented at the 2017 Marine Electrical and Control Systems Safety Conference (MECCS:, hosted in the Technology Innovation Centre in Glasgow on the 23rd November 2017.  The symposium attracted an international audience and included senior international electrical power and technical engineers from the marine electrical control supply chain, design and technical authorities, merchant, commercial and navy industry personnel, ship owners and operators, class societies, safety assurance providers, automation systems manufacturers plus consultants and academia.

At the symposium PNDC presented on the findings from our naval research programme and the capability of our Triphase Power Hardware in the Loop platform.  This platform can be operated in both AC and DC modes, has a power rating of 540kVA and is capable of connecting to devices under test at voltages up to 1300V DC and 480V AC. This platform gives the PNDC the capability to model power systems in real time (marine, utility, and transport) and interface to hardware for closed loop power hardware in the loop studies.  The PNDC also presented on the next stage of the MoD research programme, this involves connecting a flywheel energy storage device to the Triphase PHIL platform.

This testing will evaluate the interaction between the flywheel and the simulated shipboard power system for different operational scenarios.  This testing will reduce the technical challenges and costs associated with installing flywheel energy storage on new and existing naval platforms.