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Over the last two years we have been building our team capacity and proving the operational capability of our facility. We have facilitated approximately 50 projects, all of which have had some impact in the development and evolution of Energy Networks. From hardware, software, integrated system solutions and modelling we have performed services for members, academia and suppliers. Our reinforced aim is to be recognised as the smart grid accelerator, where we provide the platform for research to deployment compression, debugging proposed solutions and enabling network readiness.

Are you working on a power network solution?

Have its Network readiness status evaluated here, with us at our bespoke facility.

We provide international, academia, developer, utility etc. access to our unique research and test environment, with the ultimate aim of society benefitting from assured solutions in a compressed timeframe.

Over the coming weeks I will be issuing some thought provokers for your consideration, on the change landscape creating the Power Networks of the Future.


David Rutherford