Innovation Theme Forums

Within the framework of the Focus Areas, several Innovation Forums have the purpose of enabling knowledge exchange in specific innovation themes of interest by:

Discussing emerging innovation requirements, stakeholder needs, and topics of interest to inform new areas of opportunity for collaborative innovation activity between PNDC, its partners and other stakeholders.

Generating and refining ideas for specific collaborative innovation projects and providing a focus for project co-creation with stakeholders.

Maximising the value of coordinated project activities and project outputs for stakeholders and partners.

Providing input to steer collaborative projects in delivery and disseminating project outputs.

Providing the opportunity for invited innovators to showcase new ideas and discuss opportunities for wider innovation and collaboration.

Innovation Forums

Innovation Forums

Innovation Forums meet at least two times a year, with additional meetings beyond that at the discretion of the Forum Lead. The Forum Leads are appointed by the PNDC R&D Director and are senior members of PNDC’s R&D team.

PNDC partners are able to participate in the Innovation Forums in line with the terms of their individual partnership agreements. Other organisations and stakeholders may be invited to Innovation Forums by the Forum Lead in line with the subject matter being discussed and/or at the request of PNDC partners. Other invitees generally comprise sector and domain experts from industry, government, academia and other research organisations.

The Forum Leads provide a preliminary year-ahead schedule of meetings for each innovation forum and are responsible for arranging Innovation Forum meetings, ensuring that any discussion papers are circulated promptly before meetings to provide full and proper consideration of the relevant issues. The Forum Leads also circulate meeting summaries and key actions arising from the meetings. The format for meetings varies depending on the nature of the issues being discussed and meetings may also incorporate guest speakers.

Innovation Themes