V2X Innovation Programme Demonstration Day


PNDC hosted its vehicle-to-everything (V2X) Innovation Programme partners Fuuse, Turbo Power Systems (TPS) and Gridicity for an end-to-end demonstration of their innovative V2X solution.

The demonstration day was the culmination of 2-weeks of end-to-end testing of the bi-directional EV charging solution that was developed in the project over a 9-month period.

This innovative solution enables multiple V2X use cases and increases the end-to-end efficiency of depot-based EV charging by creating a local DC bus that directly integrates DC<>DC bi-directional charge points.

PNDC’s facilities were used to emulate two real-world use cases and to assess the performance of the developed system, reporting findings back to all project partners to enable further development.

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For further information on the project and PNDC’s collaborative R&D programmes, please get in touch and connect with PNDC’s research team for the V2X project, Ryan Sims and Lewis Hunter.

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