SSEN are pleased to invite you to the dissemination event for the SSEN NIA funded innovation project “Technical Interfaces to Scale as a DSO”. This will be held virtually on Tuesday 16th November (14:00 – 15:00).

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PNDC and Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) will present their findings with SSEN chairing the event. There will also be time for Q&A.

This project aimed to determine the requirements to safely and securely communicate with customer endpoint devices to enable more flexible connections and flexibility services at a smaller scale and lower cost.

Smaller network users need industry guidance and assistance if they wish to overcome significant barriers to participate in emerging flexibility markets. This is partly due to the cost, size and complexity of the interfaces required to safely and securely connect them to the network. Physical interface devices for flexibility providers are focussed on larger customers with complex Operational Technology based solutions. For example, Active Network Management schemes usually require Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) with complex communications and control provisions to link them to the Network Operator’s systems. This is unfeasible for smaller customers who are looking to adopt Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) and participate in local flexibility markets.

This project will help ensure that anyone who wants to participate in flexibility markets are able to do so and ultimately increase market liquidity. Register now.