We recently hosted a full day event at the PNDC in collaboration with our tier 1 members Cisco, where a range of industry experts discussed the issues around operational security within the critical infrastructure.

The event was inspired by the UK’s critical infrastructure entering a new era of change, accelerated by digitalisation and increased security threats. PNDC and Cisco wanted to provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to learn and discuss some of the topical areas of operational security, from Asset Visibility to Malware Detection, Segmentation and Remote Access.

The event was attended by delegates including SPEN, SSEN, the University of Strathclyde and Cisco and we were thrilled at the feedback we received from delegates, with 91% of those who provided feedback giving the event a rating of 7/10 or above.

Steven Whyte, Business Development Manager at PNDC said of the event:

This event was a great opportunity to bring together a range of stakeholders from across the Critical Infrastructure sector, including utilities, to explore the routes to implementing best practice within operational security. With our partners Cisco, we hope to further demonstrate in the future some of these techniques within a safe and controlled environment such as the PNDC.

The event included a demonstration from Cisco on the state-of-the-art communication test bed they have installed at the PNDC which represents all aspects of communications that might be found in a power utilities network, which you can learn more about here.

Jon Stanford, Director of Global Security Segments Lead for Industries at Cisco

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