As part of our Member Month series, we are celebrating the work we do with Neos Networks, who joined PNDC as a member in 2019.

Neos Networks commissioned research to understand more about a shift in business model by UK energy providers from Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to become Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in what is proving to be a significant era of disruption for the sector. This research, incorporating interviews with 100 businesses and more than 200 consumers, delves a little deeper into the forces driving the UK’s smart grid strategy.

Take a look at the findings in the eBook, DNO to DSO: The new network effect, to find out more about why collaboration, customer strategy and connectivity will prove to be crucial considerations as the transition unfolds. 

Furthermore, Neos Networks have produced three infographics illustrating the importance of smart data in the transition to DSO, the changing energy ecosystem and why connectivity is key for the DSO model.

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