PNDC are delighted to welcome our Communications and Systems Integration Researcher Chris Harrison and our Data Scientist Suyang Zhou.

Chris has a background in communication and control systems from his work at Firstco, an electronic systems consultancy, on projects mainly associated with the rail transport for Heathrow airport. In recently years he has been studying for a PhD in determining lung function using mathematical modelling at the CDT in Healthcare Innovation, University of Oxford.

Suyang obtained his BEng and PhD from University of Birmingham in 2009, 2015 respectively, both in electrical engineering. He is a certified Hadoop Developer and trained as the project manager in Ashorne Hill Management College. He worked as Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associate in University of Leicester and Design and Development Engineer in Cellcare Technology Ltd before joining PNDC. He has delivered a number of industrial projects and has extensive experience in Big Data Analysis, Demand Side Management and Energy Storage systems .

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