Following the successful launch of Synaptec’s Refase™ product, the system has been installed into the Power Network Demonstration Centre (PNDC), a facility part of the University of Strathclyde.

Refase™, which stands for Remote Fault Sensing, dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of circuit protection for hybrid and multi-end feeders whilst also improving remote fault response on transmission networks.

The installation at PNDC will replicate real-life fault scenarios and demonstrate how Refase™ delivers better differential line protection than anything currently available to network operators.

Saul Matthews, business development manager at Synaptec said: “’Our unique ability to leverage optical fibre gives network operators unprecedented scope to instrument both more and further away simultaneously. Being able to demonstrate how this works is critical to helping the industry digitise cost effectively.”

Located in Cumbernauld the PNDC, which opened in 2013, offers an ideal platform to accelerate the development of energy technologies, reducing delivery risk and enabling partners such as Scottish Power, Vodafone and SSE to better understand the potential and benefits of emerging technologies to save both time and operating costs.