Update: Please note Faraday Grid has since been placed into administration.

Faraday Grid Limited (Faraday), Edinburgh based leading energy technology developer, has become the latest member of the Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC). The company will be working closely with the PNDC team as it continues their development of ground breaking ‘Faraday Exchanger’ technology.

PNDC, a world-class smart grid test facility based in central Scotland is part of the University of Strathclyde, brings together academics, engineers and technologists to define and execute research, development, and demonstration projects that will help shape the electricity system of the future. The test facilities comprise a real high-voltage 11kV and LV distribution network and laboratories. This realistic environment is an ideal setting for testing and developing future smart grids in a controlled and low risk manner. The PNDC engineering team will support Faraday through a range of testing in order to independently validate Faraday Grid and Exchanger.

In a single device the Faraday Exchanger provides power-flow control, voltage/VAR regulation, power factor correction, phase balance control, and power conditioning. This technology fits easily within existing electrical infrastructure, replacing the functionality of the transformer and much more besides.  Delivering potentially massive network effects, multiple Exchangers connected in grid result in a Faraday Grid. A Faraday Grid could more efficiently and resiliently manage power flow from generator to consumer allowing increases in intermittent and volatile sources of generation. This helps to drive down energy costs to consumers.  The Faraday Grid could support the transformation of energy networks moving the locus of control from generation to the grid itself.

Matthew Williams (Faraday Grid CTO) commented “Faraday Grid has a huge ambition to transform the electricity grid into one that is designed to meet the complexities and demands of current and future generation and consumption.  Access to a world-class facility such as PNDC is essential to our product development process and played a significant part in our decision to locate in Scotland.”

David Rutherford (PNDC CEO) has welcomed the introduction of Faraday Grid as members and is keen to support the company in this important development stage.

“The energy landscape has continued to evolve over recent years, with the increase in renewable based generation, the integration of storage, and a move towards a greater penetration of electric vehicles on the grid. Innovators such as Faraday Grid are working to develop solutions to meet these challenges, the effectiveness of which can be amplified through validation of their technology at the PNDC. We offer a risk-free testing environment and a strong track record of evaluating prototypes, which will allow versions to be evolved for commercial deployment.”

Membership of the PNDC allows companies to engage with our collaborative research programme, along with benefiting from access to our unique facilities. If you think your company could help shape the future of energy networks you can get in touch with the PNDC via the ‘contact us’ section of our website.