WHP Telecoms, a Warrington based wireless telecommunications consultancy has become the most recent company to join the Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC).  The main focus of the company’s activities will be on future communications and systems integration R&D for electricity networks.

The PNDC, a world class smart grid accelerator based on the outskirts of Glasgow and part of the University of Strathclyde, brings together academics, engineers and technologists to define and execute research, development, and demonstration projects that will help shape the electricity industry of the future. The facility is underpinned by testing facilities comprising a real high-voltage 11kV and LV distribution network and laboratories. This realistic environment is an ideal setting for testing and developing future smart grid communications in a no risk environment.

Presently the Centre is undergoing significant upgrades to its communications infrastructure so that it can extend its R&D activity to act as a smart grid communications demonstrator and help Distribution Network Operators determine what the best ‘mix’ of future communications will be to provide a secure, resilient network that is also capable of utilizing the benefits of smart IOT applications such as new low cost sensors to help manage the supply and demand of electricity at a local level in real time.

WHP is a leading supplier of professional, infrastructure support and deployment services to the UK’s mobile telecommunications industry and has operated at its heart since the 1980s. The company has built a deep, specialist knowledge of the UK’s mobile and wireless network infrastructure and has been instrumental in influencing design and rollout of new technologies across the country’s vertical estate delivering services to a variety of sectors including mobile operators, utility clients, fixed operators and the financial services sector. This depth and breadth of knowledge and experience gives WHP a holistic view of current and future requirements across a wide range of user types.

“WHP is pleased to have joined the PNDC because not only is a fit for purpose, future proofed communications infrastructure a critical enabler for the evolution to a true smart grid, it is a prerequisite for UK PLC’s participation in the fourth industrial revolution. The business is delighted to be able to add its voice to the current body of excellence at PNDC with the aim of further accelerating towards a world class infrastructure the UK can thrive from.” Martyn Cheyne, Director WHP Telecoms

David Rutherford (PNDC CEO) views smart grid communications as a key enabler of the U.K’s  evolution to a smart grid, however he is quick to acknowledge that the communications space has suffered from a lack of focus in recent times.

“Over the last few years we have seen a revolution in renewable energy such as wind and solar, along with storage and smart home applications. Communications for these applications has always just been assumed to be available, however to support the UK’s smart grid transition a once in a lifetime communications infrastructure upgrade needs to take place. The PNDC offers a risk free environment for the industry to trial future communications architectures ensuring that we (the U.K) future proof any investments decisions taken now or in the near term. We are delighted have a company with WHP Telecoms experience join the PNDC and contribute to our R&D program”

Associate membership is offered to companies that the PNDC sees as potentially transformative in the industry. If you think your technology could help shape future energy networks you can get in touch with the PNDC via the contact us section of our website.

For more information on WHP Telecoms visit: http://www.whptelecoms.com