The University corporate website has been built with accessibility in mind using a content management system. This pages offers support in navigating the site and increasing the text size. It also directs you to support for customising your view of the website and introduces tools which can enhance your web experience.

Navigating the PNDC website

Finding your place in the site
The main horizontal navigation bar at the top of each page shows each section of the site. There is also a ‘breadcrumb’ trail below the main horizontal navigation bar that provides a hierarchy of links from the current page back to the home page.

Returning to the homepage
When you want to return to the home page, you can click on the ‘home’ link on the ’breadcrumb’ trail or on the PNDC logo.

Displaying the website to suit your preferences

Increasing the size of the page and text
To increase the size of the page and the font press Ctrl and +
To decrease the size of the page and the font size press Ctrl and –