Please tell us about your role at PNDC

As Project Portfolio Officer I work closely with each of the teams in PNDC as well as with central university functions to support effective project management and good governance.

What was your background before joining PNDC?

Following the completion of my undergraduate degree in Geography, I spent four years travelling and working overseas in charitable organisations and hospitality. I then returned to Glasgow where, prior to joining PNDC, I spent ten years working in the renewable energy sector at Natural Power and ScottishPower Renewables on energy infrastructure, hydro and onshore and offshore wind farm projects. I undertook project coordination and environmental roles, the latter of which involved many a day in upland Scotland carrying out environmental compliance and hydrology field work, often in typical Scottish weather conditions – character building type days! I also completed an MSc in Environmental Management during my time at Natural Power..

What do you enjoy most about working at PNDC?

The friendly and collaborative approach by the team and getting to know people from across the globe, as well as supporting projects which are contributing to decarbonisation and net-zero.

What can we find you doing in your spare time?

Being kept on my toes (physically and mentally!) by my two young children (not sure if this falls under spare time, but away from PNDC nonetheless!). I enjoy running, be it on the road, trails or hills and love being a member of my club, Bellahouston Road Runners. “Naturally” all this activity necessitates and justifies my consumption of cake and biscuits. I love exploring new places and am often plotting the next trip, be it at home or overseas.
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