Adding to recent increased activity within our Communications & Systems Integration theme, we are delighted to welcome Trilliant as associates of the PNDC.

Trilliant are networking experts with the network and innovative networking technologies as their core competency. Trilliant enable actionable intelligence for their customers through an open and secure communications platform. They believe that the next generation smart grid built on a network that allows for the frictionless exchange of data will propel the energy industry to a bright future.

Trilliant’s advanced technologies are designed to work with virtually any system to provide a secure, powerful source of data now and for generations to come.

“As a leader in private communications solutions, Trilliant is proud to become a member of PNDC. Partnerships are often the key to unlocking innovation, and Trilliant is excited for the opportunity to collaborate with experts from academia and the industry to create next generation smart grid solutions.”

Richard Wiles, VP UK & Ireland, Trilliant

The PNDC look forward to working with Trilliant going forward. To find out more about the work being undertaken with the area of Communications and System Integration please get in touch.