Adding to activities within our Network and Demand Side Management theme, we are welcoming a new associate, Wallet.Services to the PNDC.

Wallet.Services’ SICCAR distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform allows organisations to collaborate more efficiently with the latest in secure data sharing technology. It addresses the barriers to distributed ledger technology adoption – removing complexity and enabling networks of organisations to easily design and deploy solutions which address the problems of sharing information with multiple parties. Distributed energy systems can therefore increase operational transparency, trust, and security.

Wallet.Services is excited to join PNDC as an associate, as it presents a real opportunity to prove DLT’s effectiveness in enabling data and value exchange in the energy sector. The SICCAR platform is already being used in the sector to track and trace the renewal and refurbishment of ageing wind turbine assets. For equipment where individual parts are expensive or unavailable, enabling trusted re-manufacturing of assets is crucial for both economic and environmental impact. Accountability and assurance across the refurbishment supply chain ensures quality and compliance of the renewed part and efficiencies in asset management. 

“We’re really thrilled to be working with PNDC’s member network as the energy sector transitions towards distributed generation and smart grids. Wallet.Services’ DLT platform can enable cryptographic protection and control and can therefore benefit the sector by assuring network management and systems integration as well as assets”


The PNDC look forward to working with Wallet.Services going forward. To find out more about the work being undertaken with the area of Network and Demand Side Management please get in touch.