Yambay, a mobile solutions technology company specialising in utilities field force management has joined the PNDC as an Associate Member.
The business specialises in strategic solutions that address the utility market’s demanding standards for performance, reliability and security. The extensive product portfolio includes solutions for operations, service & repairs and storm response that are used across Europe, Australia, Southern Africa and the US. Yambay has a long-standing partnership with GE Grid Solutions as the supplier of the PowerOn Mobile product. This partnership has delivered ground-breaking solutions for mobile switching and outage management to customers around the globe.

Yambay offer solutions across the electricity, gas and water sectors. Membership of the PNDC will see them focus on solutions primarily for the future electricity distribution network which faces a challenging transition over the next ten years as increasing levels of renewable generation are connected and require real time management. The ability to deploy staff efficiently and safely as well as maintain and inspect assets in real time will see mobile communications play a key role.

“Yambay are a highly innovative mobile solutions provider with a great history of delivering highly impactful operational solutions to utilities. We’re delighted to welcome them on board to be part of our collaborative research programme working with DNO’s, industry and academia.” Alan Dunn COO PNDC.

Yambay is the first Associate Member to join the PNDC. Associate membership is offered to companies that the PNDC sees as potentially transformative in the industry. If you think your technology could help shape future electricity networks you can get in touch with the PNDC via the contact us section of our website.
For more information on Yambay visit: http://www.yambay.com/