Key Highlights

£1.5m of funding in the development of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure

Supplying power via underground controllers to up to 12x 7kW Connected Kerb charge points

Deploying 100 on-street EV charge points

PNDC has been included in one of the projects announced by BEIS to receive £1.5m of funding in the development of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The Agile Streets project led by Samsung Research UK, including partners Connected Kerb, Octopus Energy, SMS Plc, and the Energy Savings Trust (EST), will look to develop a purpose-built optimisation platform to control EV on-street charging.

A new on-street control cabinet housing SMETS2 technology will supply power via underground controllers to up to 12x 7kW Connected Kerb charge points. The Agile Streets project intends to demonstrate the use of the smart metering system and a new business model to manage EV charging, incentivising EV drivers to allow a flexible charging schedule.

PNDC is supporting the test and demonstration of the developed smart meter enabled smart charging system. Our low voltage distribution network will be configured to replicate an on-street EV charging deployment and used to assess the electrical and communications performance of the developed system. This testing will de-risk the technology deployment for the subsequent field trial.

Ryan Sims, Senior R&D Engineer at PNDC, said:

“This is a truly exciting project, and one which will shape the application of dynamic on-street EV charging utilising smart metering infrastructure for years to come. PNDC continues to support the acceleration of new technologies in support of reaching the UK’s net zero targets.”

We will also be performing technical measurement and evaluation of the project during the field trial, when 100 on-street EV charge points will be deployed. PNDC will collect data from a number of trial sites and assist with the analysis and evaluation of the smart charging system performance.

Richard Turnbull, Head of Wireless Charging &Innovation at Connected Kerb, said:

“The bespoke testing facilities and product validation services provided by PNDC are invaluable and will allow Connected Kerb to configure and prove the technology concept in a replicable environment before deploying in the public domain. This is particularly important with the Agile Streets project which integrates smart technologies that aim to enable an optimised charging experience for residential on-street charging scenarios.”

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