Assessing the performance of telecommunication vendors communication platforms.


To assess the performance of telecommunication vendors’ “next-generation” communication platforms including MPLS and advanced SDH which can be used to deliver the most critical current differential protection services and provide flexible and reliable network path switching capabilities.


From perspective of PNDC, a comprehensive hardware-in-the-loop current differential protection scheme was designed and constructed.

  • Simulation of transmission lines based on real line parameters using Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS)
  • Real current differential relays and protection settings based on real line parameters
  • Physical data communication network consisting of edge PDH nodes and core “next-generation” nodes
  • Data network impairment device to create various data network conditions
  • Measurement and monitoring of communication latency, relay tripping time, communication network stability and relay stability under different data network conditions


The results showed the MPLS and advanced SDH communication platforms under test could support legacy TDM based relay interfaces and meet the most stringent latency requirements for teleprotection communication. The platforms also demonstrated that fast path switching (which was comparable when using conventional SDH network) or hitless path switching could be achieved and relays did not mal-operate during path switchover. This project demonstrated the MPLS and advanced SDH communication platforms could achieve the same level or better performance and reliability compared with existing SDH technology and increased the confidence of a utility and a communication service provider on these “next-generation” communication technologies.


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